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It happens, every time...

Left Breathless
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.My Illusion.

Dip my fingers in a world of illusions and drown in the sins of my fantasies. Beauty is only skin deep, but my ugly goes way deeper. Pass the potent substance of my blood, through the breaded weight of my muscles, and deep into the marrow of my bones where it kindles with burning anticipation for exposure. You believe I'm wonderful. I'm not. You think that failure is an impossibility in my essence. It is. You place me on this pedestal where I'm never expected to falter. And, I do. When I become human once again, the world turns it back on my reflection and picks away at my skin. When I inhale the ill breath of ~reality~, you all eat me away until you see the dark odium of my conscious. Soon, you will laugh at my mundane ways. Stick me back on a rack with the other faces you've encountered and stare at a photo when you lose your memory-- never remembering my name or my cause.

So in order to fix this, I've taken it upon my responsibility to stop breathing. And when you offer me your fuckin' pedestal, I will refuse to climb its towering heights. Why? Because it's a long way down, and I like only being skin deep (unexposed.) Would you love my ugly too?

"All I ever wanted was to catch my breath." Dirty Vegas

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The current layout I have did not come from cherrystyle, however, I do have a style from them. It'll be listed in an i-fram of that particular layout. Kthnx!